After the Event

I enjoy listening to the always-amazing Rubycon by Tangerine Dream, made yet more interesting following a remaster on the In Search of Hades boxset (and with a previously unheard extended introduction piece as a bonus), and I have been doing so since late 1977 when I borrowed the LP from a friend. He had “borrowed” it from his older brother. It was tough to give that record back – everything about it was amazing: the music was such as I had never heard before and the cover was (and still is) wonderful.


This was an old gatefold LP and it was back when albums covers were heavy cardboard covered in a thin film that had a habit of peeling off – all with the effect that it had a distinctive smell. Mmmm, so a lot was lost with the digital format (including the great smell…!!!), but the music prevails.

Having listened to this great album, I wanted to just improvise something simple using a bass sequence that evolved a bit. It took about 30s to bang in a simple sequence that I then altered against a synchronised analogue delay – then I added a very simple second higher-register sequence. Then I set up a couple of interesting ambient sound effects and a couple of nice old-fashioned string synth sounds… and I hit record. With lots of sequence tweaking, the fun began

After about 20 minutes, I stopped playing and After the Event had popped out. No solos, apart from the very subtle ones in the string synth, but lots of simple sequencer fun.

After the Event

The cover depicts the moment after the Rubycon cover, and also the fact that I played it just after listening to Rubycon. As I say on the Bandcamp page, I’m not inferring that it follows it musically, or that it should be compared to it – I just played it after listening to Rubycon.

The first fifty downloads are free (i.e. “pay what you want”).


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